Expert, individualized facial care and acupuncture for your best skin.

Collective Skin Care is a boutique facial and acupuncture spa located in Varnish Beauty in Yaletown. We provide  advanced facial care featuring Tata Harper Skincare and the Dermalogica Skin Care System, Traditional Cupping Therapy as well as General and Cosmetic Acupuncture provided by a registered acupuncturist and doctor of Chinese medicine.

We believe that good skin isn’t just a matter of good genes. The skin is the body’s largest organ with many integral functions. It acts as a window, in the sense that if looked at carefully, it can give insight into overall health. When our skin looks good, we feel confident.

We help people find the perfect balance for a glowing and vibrant complexion while providing them with the space and time in their life for self care. Ultimately helping them to feel and look their best beyond the surface.

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