Milia Removal

What’s that bump?

Milia are white, pearl-like bumps that appear on the skin’s surface. They can remain for months and sometimes become enlarged when left untreated. The cyst is composed of dead skin cells and sebum that is trapped in a pocket of dead skin.

It is common for people to misdiagnose their skin. Conditions such as syringoma and comedones can be mistaken for milia. A referral for treatment by a physician will be made for conditions such as syringoma or milia lesions that are present on the eyelid or in close proximity to the eye.

How are milia removed?

The skin is cleansed, steamed and exfoliated prior to the milia extraction which is performed by lancing the cyst and manually extracting the milia.

Should you wish to have milia removed, we suggest booking in for a complimentary consultation prior to treatment to ascertain your treatment candidacy. Conversely, a confidential email correspondence in which you include pictures of the cyst(s) is welcome. We carefully assess the skin before performing milia removal and will only proceed if a safe and effective outcome can be achieved.

Milia Removal (30 min) – $75

Email to request a consultation or call 778.228.4275.


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