Spa review: Collective Skin Care

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Cosmetic acupuncture plumps up skin — sans fillers

Call it the peach effect or a filler fad but the quest for plumper, younger-looking skin has become the Holy Grail for many beauty aficionados.

Now, Vancouverites can get one step closer to soft, ripe skin (minus the peach fuzz, of course!) with cosmetic acupuncture from Collective Skin Care.

The boutique spa, which takes up a small room on the second floor of the popular Yaletown beauty boutique BeautyMark, offers the unique prickly approach to skin care — as well as more traditional skin services such as facials and waxing.

Curious about the East-meets-West treatment (acupuncture is a practice that originated in ancient Chinese medicine), we stopped in to the intimate space for a taste of the combined cosmetic acupuncture and facial treatment, dubbed The United. Read on here.

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