PUB 201 | Journal + Analytics Assignment


This week I monitored my social media campaign that centered around this blog post and I continued working on converting my booking system.

Analytics Assignment

When I created my social media campaign, I used to shorten my link so that I could track how many clicks I got which apparently is not the most reliable resource, as I also went into my Google Analytics and found that it had different information. I think this is due to the fact that I filter my own traffic to the site. So out of the 13 clicks that tracked, only 6 were tracked in Google Analytics (I swear I didn’t click on the link that much, but I suppose it is possible).

Overall, gives me a quick overview, but it seems that Google Analytics is what really gives me the complete view.

For instance, shows that 23% of the referrals to the link came from Facebook, while Google Analytics only shows one visit from Facebook to this particular social media campaign.

I also found it interesting to see that I didn’t get traffic from Instagram (the post got 24 likes) which doesn’t allow you to post links in the photo caption–although, if the post is compelling enough, I’m sure you would get click-throughs from the profile link.

Ways that I can improve this campaign.

  • Use a stat on teen acne in the social media posts to compel the reader.
  • Do an A/B campaign where I use two different images and headlines to see how they perform.
  • Create a goal – do I want to gain followers? Do I want to gain new clients?

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