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Collaboration (30 min) – Complimentary

In this first step towards achieving your skin care goals, we will establish what is working for you, and implement new strategies to attain your ideal results. The Collaboration is a 30 minute consultation during which time we will discuss and analyze the five elements of the Collective approach (an ethos of holistic skin care) to your skin to establish a plan that is unique to you.

Fit (20 min) – $39

This facial offers fast and focused results when your skin needs a treatment and your schedule is the only thing standing in the way. Based on your consultation and goals, your Fit Facial will be tailored accordingly to include professional cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and finishing products.

 Fresh Face Treatment (45 min) – $79

Problem skin in our teen years can have serious effects on self esteem that can stay with us long after the acne has cleared. We were inspired by Dermalogica’s Clear Start to develop a skin treatment specifically focused on helping teens ‘graduate’ to clear skin. This treatment includes: double cleanse skin analysis, professional exfoliation, extraction of blackheads and blemishes, soothing and decongesting mask, finishing products with SPF.

Purchase a series of 6 treatments for clear skin year round: $395 (savings of $79)

Collected (60 min) – $99 w/ Retinol Renewal Add-on $120

This classic Dermalogica facial goes beyond the usual steps of cleansing, exfoliating and extracting, and integrates a signature scalp, face, neck and shoulder massage specifically designed to stimulate blood and lymph flow to enhance product penetration, improve facial contours and skin tone. This therapeutic massage will help you relax and relieve stress and tension. Professional products from Dermalogica are tailored to your skin type and condition.

Comprehensive (75 min) – $135  w/ Retinol Renewal Add-on $155

This treatment takes into account that your skin doesn’t stop at your neck. Two key areas that bare the brunt of environmental aggression–the eyes and hands–are given the extra attention they deserve. In addition to all the elements of a traditional facial, you’ll enjoy a specialized eye treatment with Dermalogica’s stress + eye lift underneath a firming contour mask, as well as a multivitamin treatment for the hands.

Elevated (90 min) – $140  w/ Retinol Renewal Add-on $160

For those who are looking for an added lift, this restorative treatment involves 60 minutes of facial massage using Ayurvedic techniques to nurture healthy and mobile connective tissues and facial muscles. Blood is the skin’s source of nutrients and when fascia and muscle tissue are unbound, blood flow and lymph drainage are normalized, leading to lifted and relaxed features. In addition to this elevating massage, cleansing, skin analysis, extractions, scalp, neck and shoulder massage, serum, masque and finishing facial skin care is included and tailored to your skin from Dermalogica.

Learn why this treatment is a great alternative to botox and fillers.

Refining Lymphatic Treatment (75 minutes) – $160

A common aging concern relates to the puffiness and a tired look that results from stagnant lymph. This is largely due to the fact that lymph fluid requires muscles movement to flow and drain properly; muscle atrophy and rigidity that settles in with age can contribute to the presence of stagnant lymph in the face. That is why face massage and lymphatic drainage can visibly rejuvenate the skin, as the manipulation of the muscles and fascia brings blood flow to the skin’s surface and supports the healthy flow of lymph.

In this specialized treatment we focus on deeply cleansing and decongesting the skin with a lactic acid peel and a purifying clay herbal mask. Manual extractions further refine the pores followed by a  lymphatic drainage massage with regenerating and nourishing rosehip seed oil. A raw honey mask calms and hydrates the skin. The skin is left looking radiant, calm and refreshed. Neck and shoulder massage and customized finishing products are applied to complete the treatment.

A course of GliSODin® Advanced Diuretic/Lymphatic Formula is included with this treatment to gently boost your body’s elimination processes and improve skin radiance. Take 2 capsules twice a day for 2 weeks.

Dermalogia Retinol Renewal Treatment (20 minutes) – $59 | $20 add-on

This treatment actively renews the skin and corrects sun damage using 1% microencapsulated Retinol combined with a proprietary peptide that boost collagen production by 125%. The concentrated serum is driven deeper into the skin by a gently warming ExoThermal Gelloid mask that seals in the benefits of the treatment.

United (90 min) – $179 ($80 of which can be claimed on extended medical)*

The first 45 minutes of this treatment are dedicated to Cosmetic Acupuncture which will address your unique concerns, whether it be acne scars, expression lines of facial volume to naturally repair and rejuvenate the skin. After the acupuncture session, a customized 45 minute facial will address your specific needs. Skin analysis, extractions, facial massage, serum, masque, neck and shoulder massage, as well as finishing products are included.

*Please note that this treatment CANNOT be booked online. Call 778-228-4275 or email to request an appointment.

Clarity Treatment (105 min) – $165 ($65 of which can be claimed on extended medical)*

45 minutes Traditional Cupping and General Acupuncture combined with a 60 minute Clarity Facial

We designed this treatment specifically to facilitate the removal of toxins and stress.

  • Cupping is a gentle and non-invasive way to relieve muscle tension and rid the body of toxins. When combined with General Acupuncture which promotes the healthy functions of your organs, deep relaxation can be achieved.
  • The Clarity Facial is then customized to your current skin condition and concerns.
*Please note that this treatment CANNOT be booked online. Call 778-228-4275 or email to request an appointment.

Back Care (60 min) – $110

This treatment gives much needed care to the hard to reach skin on the back. Acne can appear on the back if you’re physically active, undergoing stress or experiencing hormonal fluctuations. Cleanse, skin analysis, extractions, serum masque and finishing products specific to your skin condition are included.

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