lymphatic drainage facial

Lymphatic drainage facial for better skin.

Why this lymphatic drainage facial needs to be on your beauty to-do list.

It’s common to attribute the bright, even and refreshed look of post-facial skin to the gadgets and professional skincare employed by your facialist. While every step in a facial contributes to the end result, the revitalizing and tightening effects of face massage are generally underrated. Not only is it the most relaxing part of the treatment, its benefits to the appearance of the skin are immediately apparent. There are several massage techniques that can be employed to achieve different results. Swedish face massage techniques improve circulation and relax facial muscles to reduce expression lines while a specialized lymphatic drainage massage can reduce puffiness, improve the clarity of the skin tone, and lift tired features. The healing and rejuvenating benefits of the latter massage technique inspired us to develop a lymphatic drainage facial: The Refining Lymphatic Treatment (75 minutes, $160).

The Refining Lymphatic Facial

In addition to this massage and the usual elements of a classic facial (cleansing, skin analysis, professional exfoliation and extractions), we have integrated a double masque which includes our signature all-natural kaolin, oatmeal and rose-petal masque to purify and condition the skin, followed by an organic raw honey masque to gently cleanse the pores, and leave the skin soothed and hydrated.

To further enhance the lymphatic drainage benefits, every Refining Lymphatic Treatment includes a 15 day course of GliSODin® Skin Nutrients Advanced Lymphatic Formula. Taken twice daily, this gently detoxifying oral supplement supports liver health and encourages elimination without the use of diuretics or laxatives–just a proven and safe herbal blend along with the signature GliSODin enzyme that provides internal antioxidant support. We especially love this formula over the summer months, because feeling bloated in a bikini is just no fun.

We had a recent visit from Vitamin Daily Vancouver – and here’s what they love about this lymphatic drainage facial.



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