I went back to the drawing board on some of the tasks that Suzanne and Trevor set out for me. In the end I managed to clean up the look and experience of my website quite neatly by:

  • creating a BOOK NOW link next to each treatment so that users don’t have to navigate back to the top of the screen to book online
  • fixing the sizing issues for the media outlet logos on my media page through some wrangling in Word and screen shots
  • following the ‘before the fold’ principle and placing services and rates at the top of the screen with more detailed information further down for those who care to scroll
  • creating a ‘For Men’ page that lists some of the most popular facial treatments for my male clients
  • utilizing the featured image option embedded in the design of my website pages to clean up the look of some of the images I had inputted manually in the past.

I think these small changes have made the user experience more polished and efficient.

Brand Story

I wrote this blog to share a success story about a teen who saw remarkable results for her acne condition by following the steps to clear skin that I laid out. I feel it’s a great example of what the Collective Skin Care brand stands for: a personalized treatment plan combined with recommendations for lifestyle and at-home skincare to realize healthy, clear and vibrant skin. This is an article that I need to redistribute on my social media streams, as I have only shared it once (my bad). I used a new image to use to keep things fresh and created unique posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Google +. I also found this new tool from Sprout that allows you to perfectly size your images for each social media platform. Brilliant I say!