After a disastrous attempt at excluding my PUB 201 category from my blog feed (I basically broke my website for a day) I was able to enlist the help of a programmer friend to help me fix the coding mistake I had made. Unfortunately the category is hidden, but I cannot access it from the category menu on the blog side bar. Nonetheless, I’m happy to have the site back up and running. It was quite a good lesson to learn, ie: copy and paste the original code to restore it if need be.

I did some work on the Business Model Canvas, the layout of which I found really beneficial. It’s a good reminder of everything you need to refer back to when creating a marketing plan for my business.

For the week two assignment, I’ve created posts for a recent media feature in the Vancouver Sun. I shared it in four places:

My website



Google +

I always find it challenging with Twitter to have enough characters remaining for hashtags. If it comes down to having room for an image or hashtags, I feel like the image wins. I also hate abbreviation and would rather not compromise on language in order to squeeze in a hashtag–so it may not be my ideal platform, which could be why I have less than 100 followers…