This week I spent some time creating a blog post about tinted moisturizers. The subject came from a client who follows my social media posts on Facebook and Instagram. I reached out to her and asked her if there was something she would be interested in learning about and went from there. I posted the blog on Facebook, Google +, Instagram and Twitter.

For the promotional video, I decided to focus on the Tata Harper facials that I offer as I am the only esthetician offering these treatments in Vancouver at the moment. I figured that since this is a niche it would be good to focus on it. In retrospect, I feel like I and the treatment room could have looked more polished, but then again, I’m probably being overly critical.

I uploaded the video to You Tube as the file was too big for WordPress. I then uploaded the video to the media page using the URL. At first I thought I would need to use some kind of plugin, but I was relieved by how simple it was to add to the Tata Harper facial page.