Treatment Packages

Commit to your skin journey with built-in savings.

Fresh Face series $426.60+tax

– save $47 on 6 treatments

Clear and radiant skin awaits with this ideal treatment for those in need of a quick refresh, or more frequent treatments to address persistent acne. This 45 minutes express facial includes deep pore cleansing, skin analysis, professional exfoliation, and extractions, a professional serum and mask is applied to boost the skin functions and remedy imbalances; finishing products are applied to suit your skin type and condition.

Skin Treatment series $594+tax

– save $66 on 6 treatments

Reveal your most radiant self with this individualized facial designed to refresh, balance and renew your skin. Working with a range of professional skin products, your treatment will be customized to deliver ideal nutrition for a healthy, luminous complexion. The Skin Treatment is an hour-long facial session that includes deep pore cleansing, skin analysis, professional exfoliation, and extractions; a therapeutic face, neck and shoulder massage; a professional serum and mask; finishing products to suit your skin type and condition.

Customized Clinical Peel series $513+tax

– save $57 on 6 treatments

Those looking to restore an even skin tone and brighten the overall look of the skin will love this concentrated quick, 45 minute peel. Multiple sources of hydroxy acids – AHA and BHA – work to purify, smooth, even, balance, and hydrate the look of your skin so you can achieve your best glow. Includes deep pore cleansing, skin analysis, clinical peel, light extraction work, serum and finishing products.

Peels can be booked bi-weekly for rapid, transformative results.

Microcurrent Muscle Re-education series $675+tax

– save $75 on 6 treatments

Using a low-level current we are able to lengthen muscles that lead to deep expression lines and wrinkles, while tightening muscles that contribute to sagging brows and/or a poorly defined jawline. This powerful activation of the facial muscles and cell memory function aids in improved muscle tone on the face and neck, increased collagen and elastin production, softened and smoothed fine lines and wrinkles, lifted brows and jowls, and enhanced product penetration non-invasively.

Microcurrent muscle re-education sessions are 45 minutes long, and can be done weekly as a treatment series to see visible and lasting benefits of this non-invasive firming treatment. Includes double cleanse, microcurrent muscle re-education and penetration of customized serum and mask, application of finishing products.