I know I’m not alone in casting a critical eye on photos of myself. This sense of dissatisfaction with my appearance seems to have coincided with the trend in face-tuning–both the digital and injectable versions. This article from Allure got me thinking…do we need to be worried?

As women, we are all-too familiar with the pressure to attain unrealistic beauty standards. The difference now is that the techniques to achieve them are as simple as a photo editing tool, or a quick visit to the cosmetic physician. With the means to live up to these standards so accessible, have we become too eager to try and fulfill them?

Filter apps aside, some of the corrective methods that injectable practitioners employ are truly remarkable. I’m definitely not opposed to correcting deviations that cause issues with self-confidence, and injectable treatments are really quite powerful in this arena. I just wonder if we’re not getting a little too caught up in looking perfect, and in the process becoming a little bit ‘Stepford’. Isn’t a crooked smile endearing after all?

Don’t get me wrong, I know that looking our best can help us feel our best. And I know that what one is willing to do to maintain a youthful appearance isn’t a black and white issue, but rather largely grey and very personal. I suppose I’m writing this in the hope that in a sea of microbladed brows and perfectly sculpted cheeks, there are still people who want to look like themselves.

Having dedicated over a decade of my life to helping people with their skin, I can honestly say that working on your skin is the answer to aging gracefully. When the skin is healthy and radiant, wrinkles don’t really register.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Do you feel the pressure to achieve a prescribed perfection?