In Better Than Before, writer Gretchen Rubin—author of the mega-bestseller, The Happiness Project—challenges us to re-think all the expert advice we’ve ever been given about making and breaking habits. Because, she says, there is no …

Source: Better Than Before: Making & Keeping Resolutions

The approach to self improvement strategies is often oversimplified and we can be left feeling like a failure when we don’t rise to meet the challenge. This post from Goop articulates how in identifying our individual and unique motivations–what causes us to resist or abandon daily habits–we can form life-changing routines more readily.

Striving to be better is a worthy aspiration, but it’s common to feel unenthused about making resolutions because they can be difficult to keep. Establishing habits can help us achieve our goals while taking the brain power of decision-making out of the equation.

Who knew that habits were the key to working smarter and not harder? (Admittedly, I’m guilty of resisting habits as I’ve tended to see them as rigid and boring. Viewing them as a means to live life more effectively is a spin that I can get on board with.) On that note – here’s to a healthy and habitual 2016!