One of the biggest trends we have seen in skincare this year relates to treating concerns that happen below the chin. This is especially true for a growing concern that has garnered its own term: tech neck. In this article, we will discuss how to solve tech neck with microneedling—specifically SkinPen® microneedling for neck wrinkles.

What is tech neck?

The changes that happen to your neck over time are nothing new, but what is new is the stage in life when neck wrinkles occur. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as tech neck, which relates to the visible appearance of horizontal neck wrinkles caused by the repetitive motion of looking down at your devices. This new term signals that the changes that happen to your skin over time are no longer determined by biological age, but by an unavoidable lifestyle factor. And so we see that even very young people are struggling with the appearance of neck lines.

Why do tech neck lines happen?

There are a few different reasons that you may see these changes happening to your neck:

  • The skin of the neck is thinner and contains less collagen, fatty tissue and sebaceous glands than the skin on your face.
  • Like the face and hands, the skin on your neck is exposed to more daylight than the rest of your body which leads to sun damage causing skin sagging, neck lines, changes in skin texture, and abnormal pigmentation to appear over time.
  • The lifestyle factor of repeatedly looking down at devices can deepen horizontal neck wrinkles.

How to fix tech neck.

One of the simplest and safest ways to solve tech neck is with microneedling for neck wrinkles—more specifically inducing collagen and elastin synthesis with a series of SkinPen® microneedling treatments. As the first FDA cleared microneedling device, SkinPen® provides dramatic results without the drama. It is clinically proven to fight the appearance of neck wrinkles, without the pigmentation risks associated with laser treatments and radiofrequency (RF) microneedling devices that use heat to induce collagen synthesis. By avoiding the use of heat, the recovery process is much quicker (most people can get back to their usual activities within 24 hours), and the treatment is suitable for all skin types as well as pigmentation disorders such as melasma.

So how does SkinPen® microneedling solve tech neck?

By thickening the skin’s dermis through collagen induction therapy, the depth of neck wrinkles is reduced. The SkinPen® does this by creating millions of microchannels in the skin. This controlled puncture initiates a three step wound healing process in the skin:

  1. Inflammation: The SkinPen® treatment involves the controlled penetration of microneedles into the skin’s surface, triggering a natural immune response to disinfect, remove debris, increase blood flow, and activate the creation of new tissue.
  2. Proliferation: The micro-channels that are created are rebuilt with new granulation cells that include collagen proteins. Additionally a new network of blood vessels develops which nourishes the skin.
  3. Remodelling: This process takes place over the weeks and months following each treatment. New dermal tissues rich in collagen and elastin proteins are formed; these proteins improve skin quality and visibly reducing neck wrinkles.

NOTE: This wound healing process is unlike when you get a cut or a scrape; the micro-channels that are created by the Skinpen® are precisely controlled and therefore  there is no risk of forming any scar tissue.

What to know about microneedling for neck wrinkles.

The SkinPen® treatment for face and neck takes about 30 minutes. This does not include the prep time in applying the topical anaesthesia. Here’s the step by step of what you can expect from your SkinPen® microneedling treatment:

  1. Skin is cleansed.
  2. Topical numbing cream is applied.
  3. Any remaining topical anaesthesia is removed.
  4. FDA cleared Lift hydrogel is applied to provide slip as the SkinPen® moves over your skin.
  5. Your skin therapist chooses the appropriate needle depth for treating the neck, and the SkinPen® then creates millions of controlled microchannels to induce collagen synthesis in your skin.
  6. An ideal end-point is a uniform redness to appear over the treated skin. A layer of Lift hydrogel is applied to sooth the skin and may be reapplied as needed for 48 hours post-treatment. Redness will subside significantly within 24 and will generally be fully resolved within 72 hours.

How long does the result of microneedling for neck wrinkles last?

After a series of three montly SkinPen® microneedling treatments, your skin will be producing new collagen for up to six months. Due to the natural skin aging process, as well as environmental and lifestyle factors our skin requires a long term maintenance plan in order to keep up the production of collagen. A follow up treatment at a minimum every six months is needed in order to maintain the results of your microneedling series.

A look at what microneedling for neck wrinkles can achieve.

Image showing the benefits of microneedling for neck wrinkles.

Take the ‘Neck’ Step

If you are looking to improve the overall appearance of your skin and neck wrinkles, as well as maintain optimal skin health and naturally boost your collagen, a SkinPen® microneedling treatment is the place to start. To discover if this treatment is right for you, and to learn about treatment pricing we invite you to book a complimentary SkinPen® consultation today.