Fall has definitely arrived here in Vancouver. The change of season offers us the opportunity to push the ‘reset’ button on our lifestyle and routines. The summer is a time for spontaneity while the fall and winter are more structured. We need a little bit of both in our lives to stay balanced.

The Fall has meant the addition of new services here at Collective Skin Care- one of which ‘unites’ Cosmetic Acupuncture with the Collected Facial treatment.

The beauty of combining these two methods into one, is that skin texture and hydration are addressed in addition to expression lines and collagen synthesis via the acupuncture needles. It’s akin to combining strength training with cardiovascular conditioning- the skin, just like the body, benefits from a multidimensional approach.

The United: How Does this Treatment Work?

  • It is a 90 minute treatment which begins with 45 minutes of Cosmetic Acupuncture. After an assessment to see what areas are in need of attention, very fine acupuncture needles are carefully and gently placed along fine lines and wrinkles, only penetrating to the dermal level of the skin to activate collagen synthesis. Larger needles target muscles on the face and scalp to relieve tension and soften expression lines.
  • With your muscles relaxed and your collagen stimulated, your facial is then customized according to your skin condition and goals. A professional exfoliation is applied which is generally composed of an alpha and beta hydroxy acid cocktail to stimulate cell renewal and resurface the skin. Extractions are then performed to remove blackheads, blemishes and milia which lead to enlarged pores and uneven skin texture. A professional concentrated serum is applied and a rejuvenating face massage continues to relax the face and drain stagnant lymph which causes puffiness. A masque is then applied, focused on your skin concerns. While your skin absorbs these nutrients, a relaxing neck, shoulder and scalp massage melts away any residual stress. Eye and face creams as well as sun protection are applied to complete your treatment.

Part of implementing Cosmetic Acupuncture into your anti-aging regimen is to retrain your muscles into a relaxed state. Expression lines will be softened with results varying for each individual. In order to achieve long-term results, a series of treatments is suggested. The collagen stimulated from the treatment takes up to four weeks to develop; however, lifestyle considerations and home-care are essential to support this process and to prevent the degradation of new collagen that is created.

The United – 90 minutes … $175, extends the benefits of addressing cosmetic concerns with the health improvement benefits of acupuncture – giving you a glow inside and out.

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