“It is much more of a drama for women, the business of aging. No one wants to age, and I really think we should find a solution. Especially because we live so much longer,” she said. “It used to be that a woman would have only one life, one husband, and if you were bored that was that. Now, you can have two or three lives. So even the concept of family is changing. I think this question of aging will define the society of the future.”

-Miuicca Prada, from T Magazine The Power of One: Miuccia Prada’s Circle of Influence

Being an esthetician, I have faced the dilemma of aging from day one in my career. Starting at age 22, I had to tread lightly when offering age-related advice to my clients as I was a ways off from experiencing my own fine lines and the effects of gravity. On more than one occasion I got a skeptical glance from a client as I made suggestions about serums and eye creams that held the answer to aging skin.

Just over two decades on, I can offer my advice with a lot more authority, not just from the knowledge that comes with years of experience, but with first hand experience of seeing how time has changed me.

I think I look better now than I did ten years ago, but I  have moments of insecurity as my grey hairs and expression lines become more noticeable.

So how do we navigate that fine line between taking preventative measures and becoming expressionless and inflated?

Botox and fillers definitely have their place, but they need to be approached as one part of a whole, not the complete solution. It is vital to work with an experienced professional as botox takes 4-6 months to wear off, while filler can be present in the skin for many years after treatment. Removing filler after it has been injected can be very damaging to the skin, as an enzyme is injected to break down the filler, which inevitably will break down some of the connective tissue in the area as well. Do your research or get a referral from a skin care professional. Avoid the mistake of looking for the best price—the most important thing is to feel you’re in the care of someone you can trust.

Injectables can give an immediate and gratifying result; however, they don’t improve the quality of your skin- the texture, radiance and evenness of tone are addressed through other approaches such as professional skin treatments, microneedling, laser and light therapies. The skin is our bodies largest organ and I’ve seen first hand how it can reflect back to us what we’re doing well and perhaps not so well with regards to our lifestyle. Fine lines, dehydration, acne and dullness are signals that our diet, exercise and stress management are in need of some fine tuning.

If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge with needles or laser treatments, keeping up a good skin care regimen at home along with a balanced lifestyle is key to looking your best at any age.

The Elevated Facial is a great option for those who are looking for a natural approach to relaxing facial muscles. I learned this Ayurvedic face massage technique from Narendra and Kundan Mehta of the London School of Indian Champissage. The treatment integrates movements that help to improve blood flow to the muscles and connective tissues of the face, scalp and neck, while draining stagnant lymph. The result is a natural lift and renewed vitality in the skin.

How do you approach aging? Is it something you fight against, or have you found acceptancce? Share your thoughts here.