There’s nothing like a trip to the beach  to elicit body image issues in the best of us. Short of investing hundreds of dollars on lipo laser sessions with questionable results and doing multiple rounds of the Grind in an effort to firm up and smooth those body parts that rarely see the light of day- my motto is to keep it simple and get a lash tint. Besides which, did you know about the cellulite myths that we need to stop believing?

Don’t get me wrong- I’m all for regular exercise and the health of the skin all over the body.  (Tip: Dry brushing is a natural and effective way to address cellulite when done on a daily basis.) But I’m all for tangible results that require little effort, and I don’t think I’m alone in this.

Thirty minutes is all it takes to make your lashes stand out. No issues with running or smudging mascara and you can say goodbye to waterproof mascara which can be difficult to remove and can dry out your lashes.

While the summer is a great time to get this treatment done, it is also perfect to have done before a trip to a sunny destination. Who wants to put on makeup when they’re about the spend the day playing and relaxing at the beach?

Lash tinting is a great alternative for active people or even people with sensitive eyes who find that mascara causes irritation.

What to Expect From a Treatment:

The treatment does require some skill to perform- I’ve had many a burning sensation in my eyes from a not so expertly applied lash tint. At Collective Skin Care, we pride ourselves on a sting free tinting experience.

  • To begin, a hydrating masque containing hyaluronic acid for deep hydration of the delicate eye area and vitamins A and C to repair and reverse aging in the skin is applied, along with cotton eye pads to protect the skin underneath the eyes from becoming tinted.
  • You’ll have the option of choosing to have your lower lashes tinted directly, or for a more subtle look, having the tint soak through from the upper lashes
  • Once the skin is prepped, the eye pads are applied and the lower lashes are tinted, you’ll close your eyes for the duration of the treatment.
  • The tint is then applied to the upper lashes and sets for 10 minutes while your enjoy a hand and arm massage
  • To remove the tint, you’ll  turn your head to rest against a pillow and a rinse will wash away the tint. Your eyelids will be gently dried with tissue and an eye cream enriched with multivitamins and firming red seaweed will be applied to protect and moisturize your peepers.

The Results:

 Before and After

Before and After


As you can see here, even when lashes are naturally dark, tinting them intensifies the depth of colour and can even make your mascara look better.

The results are really dramatic for people with light brown and blond lashes.

Tinting for pale and blond brows is also another great tool to highlight the eyes and reduce time spent on makeup applications.

So now that you know what’s involved- book in for an appointment!