The ‘no makeup’ makeup trend isn’t going anywhere. We think this trend towards natural beauty is quite refreshing, but we also know that it’s not that easy to achieve. Not all of us have the DNA to pull off ‘au naturel’ selfies like Gisele. Which means we have some work cut out for ourselves, but it’s work that’s worth doing. In this post, we’ll give you some skin tips and tricks to bring out your inner glow and make your skin your best accessory this fall.

Step 1 – consult a professional

If you find yourself struggling with your skin – blackheads, adult acne, rough skin texture, dryness, flaking, redness, sun damage (we’ll stop there) – it may be time to seek professional advice to improve your skin. They say the definition of madness is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. If what you’ve been doing isn’t working for you, it’s time to switch things up. At Collective Skin Care, we offer a 30 minute Collaboration. This time is set aside for you as a complimentary service. We discuss your current health, lifestyle and skincare routine and have a close look at your skin in order to create a custom plan tailored to your needs. Take the first step towards your best skin, book a Collaboration appointment here.

Step 2 – book a spa facial

This past summer in Vancouver was one of the sunniest we’ve experienced. We’re normally so starved for rays, so most Vancouverites were out soaking them up while they lasted. While this is great for our state of mind, it takes its toll on our skin. Sunscreen tends to clog up the pores and freckles are still brought out despite how well we’ve protected ourselves. One of the best ways to hit refresh and regain a dewy glow is with a spa facial. A professional peel, careful extractions that respect the skin, rejuvenating serums and facial massage along with a nourishing and repairing masque is just what the skin needs to recuperate. Prepare for the compliments! Click here to book your facial – may we suggest the customized Collected Facial?


Step 3 – look at your lifestyle

  • Are you getting enough sleep? Getting your ‘beauty rest’ actually makes a difference to how you look and feel.

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  • How balanced is your diet? Are you getting sufficient antioxidants to battle internal oxidative stress? One of the simplest ways to fortify your skin internally is with a nutricosmetic. Our pick is the GliSODin Advanced Anti-Aging Dermal Formula which is clinically proven to fight the signs of aging.
  • How are you managing stress? One of the biggest triggers for adult acne and the aging process is stress. Exercise, meditation and making time for the things we love to do are just some of the ways we can manage stress. This is one of our favourite resources for integrating daily meditation.

Step 4 – make caring for your skin a priority

A commitment to an effective skincare routine is what will prolong the benefits of professional skin treatments and cosmetic acupuncture. Our anti-aging approach includes these KEY steps for at-home maintenance:

  • cleansing the skin twice daily with a double cleanse integrating an oil cleanser or a Clarisonic device at night.
  • applying sunscreen daily, no matter the time of year or the weather and reapplying as required.
  • applying a topical antioxidant to protect against free radical and UV damage.
  • regular exfoliation with a acids and enzymes to regenerate the skin and maintain a smooth and even texture.


Follow the suggestions we’ve outlined above and your skin is sure to become your best accessory. Bring on the no makeup selfies!