A common objection that people have about purchasing medical grade skin care is with the price tag that comes along with it. Beyond discussing the usual points about what makes this caliber of product the best choice for your skin, we’re going to talk about how much product you should actually be using.

It’s understandable that one would have qualms about spending $60-$70 dollars on a moisturizing cream if you’ve been accustomed to spending half that price on a drug store brand. To add to this, if you are going through a 100ml moisturizer in less than three months, the costs of your skin care routine can end up being prohibitive. Experience has shown us at Collective Skin Care that the main reason people end up going through their supply too fast is that they use far too much product when they care for their skin.

Reasons why people use too much product.

  • It can be as simple as never having been told how much to use.
  • Incorrect products. For instance, if you have dry skin and your moisturizer is oil-free, you will inevitably use a larger amount of moisturizer in an attempt to satiate your skin.

We’ve included some key tips here with images to illustrate how much product you should be using. Obviously, everyone’s face size is different. We suggest using this guide as a starting point and adjusting the amounts accordingly. If the small amounts shock you – remember, professional products are more concentrated than drug-store brands and therefore, a little goes a long way!

How much product to use and how long it should last.

Cleansers Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash

As you can see from this image, for your cleanser, you only need to use an amount that’s about the size of a fava bean. A 250ml cleanser should last a minimum of 3 months when the correct amount is used twice daily.


Serums tend to be one of the more expensive purchases you will make for your skin care routine. They can be used on conentrated areas of concern, ie: around the eyes or on forehead lines, or over the entire face and neck. If you’re using your serum over your entire face and neck, start with an amount that’s about the size of a garden pea. Spread and pat lightly over the skin before you apply a moisturizer. A 30ml serum should last a minimum of 2-3 months when used once a day over the entire face and neck.

Eye Creams Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair

Do you find your eyes sting from eye cream? It could be due to using too much product, but also where you’re applying it. The skin around the eye area is thin and delicate and doesn’t require a lot of product to be moisturized and protected. Using an amount that is about the size of a grain of rice for both eyes is adequate. Apply your eye cream with the pads of your ring fingers, gently patting the eye cream into the skin. Only apply the cream around the orbital bone of the eye. You can work the cream on the upper eye area, just below the brow, but avoid working the cream onto the eye lids or up to the lash line. As your eyes move (and they move a great deal) throughout the day, the moisturizer will work its way up the skin towards the eye. Following this rule of thumb will help you avoid any stinging or eye irritation. A 15ml eye cream should last 6 months.

MoisturizersDermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream

Always apply your moisturizer to your face and onto your neck. Avoid going over the eye area where you have applied your eye cream. For normal to oily and oily skin types, apply your moisturizer to the checks and neck and work the rest inward to the oilier t-zone. Use an amount that is about the size of a lima bean. A 100ml moisturizer should last 4 months.


Primers are one of the best ways to even out your skin tone, minimize pore size and help your makeup last longer; however many people do not like to use primers and this is mainly due to using too much product. The main ingredient that gives primers contributes to a primer’s function is organic silicone. This gives the primer a silky smooth feel that fills in fine lines and pores. If too much primer is used however, the product can sit in fine lines which makes for an unflattering look. Start off with the size of a large lentil and lightly feather the primer over the entire face and eyes from the mid-face outward. A 22ml primer should last 3 months.

So – have you been using the right amount of face care products? Hopefully this article has given you some new insights and will help you get the most out of your skin care routine. If you have any further questions, ask us in the comments section, email info@collectiveskincare.com or book in for a complimentary in-depth consultation.