Iuliia Skin Therapist and Dermalogica Expert

Part 1 of our Skin Expert Profile Series

We understand that with all the products and treatments available to you, it can be  overwhelming to figure out how best to care for your skin. We also know how vulnerable it can feel to put your skin in someone else’s hands. If you’re reading this article, perhaps you already know and trust the personalized care you get at our facial spa haven; however if you’re new to us and you’re looking for detail oriented, expert care for your skin, this blog series is a great opportunity to get to know your certified skin therapist a little better.

Meet Iuliia Belousova, Skin Therapist & Dermalogica Expert

Astrological Sign:

Aquarius   Skin Therapist

Years in the industry:

6 years

How would you describe your role at Collective Skin Care?

Skin Therapist, with a holistic, personal, and detail oriented approach to your skin.

What inspired you to become a skin therapist?

As far as I remember myself I have always been curious about anything health and beauty related, and when it comes to skin it is just such a fascinating and a complex organ of its own. It is not only able to show us signs to our general health, but can also simultaneously affect our self perception and self image depending on that very state. It really is complex and it is so very interesting! Having a people connection and being able to contribute, even if a tiny bit, to someone’s journey towards their true healthiest versions of themselves was also something that had played a big part on my choice of this career and a field. I think all in all it was just a perfect mixture of reasons coming together towards it.

What is the one piece of skincare advice you would give your younger self?

Sleep! Yes, seriously, do not underestimate a value of a good sleep. It is an advice I still have to remind even to my older self though. It is the time for restore and repair for the entire body and mind, skin not excluded. Life will certainly give us times when we won’t have that option, so if you have a choice to get a proper sleep available to you, take advantage of it. Oh, also, start using a Vitamin C serum or other antioxidant serum sooner! You will be glad you did.

Name one skincare product you cannot live without and why:

Masks. I love face masks. I think they are not only an effective and fast way to give your skin a boost of needed ingredients, but also such a symbol for self care and relaxation time. I believe we all can use a little bit of this in our busy days. My current favourites are Multivitamin Power Recovery mask by Dermalogica, and Fresh Spa masks from Natura Siberica (discovered this one while travelling).

What are your favourite local spots?

I used to live in West End Downtown for the longest time until very recently, and I would go to JJ Bean on Alberni all the time. It’s used to be my coffee spot for years. I just love their coffee, it’s always consistent, and the staff there is the best honestly, genuine, kind and really great at what they do. Another one is Wend End favourite as well. A Greenhorn Cafe on Nicola st. Hands done my favourite brunch place, takeout or dine in, and they have a cute little grocery store upstairs now too.

Current streaming addiction:

That’s a tough question for me. I’m not really a TV person. I think the most TV I watched was during the lockdown that we had in 2020. I binge watched all of the “The Great Canadian Baking Show” episodes and feeling all inspired and excited definitely cooked and ate way too much during that time too. Oh, and “Surgeon’s Cut”! This one is only a few episodes long, but I watched them all in one sitting. It was recommended to me by someone, and I’m so glad it was, really fascinating, and worth checking if you are into more of a documentary genre.

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