Helping someone beat acne is one of the most rewarding aspects of our work as skin experts. Acne is a debilitating skin disorder – both physically and mentally – and it affects a very large segment of the population. Approximately 90 per cent of teenagers have acne and the incidence of adult acne in men and women is significant and rising. Fortunately there are many more resources which people can employ for improved skin clarity. Unfortunately, the options can be overwhelming and without proper guidance, ineffective. This is what motivated us to share this story of clear skin with you.

Step 1. Professional skin care consultation.

Clara’s story.

Our client Clara (we’ll call her Clara for the sake of her privacy) is a fifteen year old suffering from acne who was brought in to see us by her mom. Rather then turn to oral medication or antibiotic creams, Clara’s mom wanted to see how working with a skin expert could help clear her daughter’s skin. To begin with, we had Clara fill out a detailed consultation form that asked her questions about her current skincare routine, her lifestyle and stress levels. Here’s what we learned.

A little about Clara.

  • highly active in sports
  • attends a high school with high academic standards and pressures
  • has a basic routine of a cleanser and moisturizer – no SPF
  • wears a drug store brand foundation to conceal her acne blemishes
  • her stress level is a 4/5
  • she drinks 3-4 glasses of water and 2-3 cups of caffeinated beverages daily

From evaluating Clara’s consultation card and performing a skin analysis we were able to decipher some things that she could do to improve her skin and made recommendations on professional treatments.

Step 2. Professional skin care treatments.

We began with giving Clara a Fresh Face treatment.

Clara then came back every two weeks for 3 Fit Facials – these 20 minute treatments involved a professional exfoliation and extractions to clear her active and brewing blemishes.

As the weeks passed, Clara’s skin continued to clear. Eventually her treatments extended to every 3 weeks, then 4, and now to every 5 weeks. While the professional treatments were helpful, they would not have been as effective had Clara not followed our guidance for her at-home skin care regimen.

Step 3. How to clear acne with at-home skincare. Dermalogica, Clear Start, overnight treatment, acne, teen acne, clear skin

  • Immediately integrated 3 key products from the Dermalogica® Clear Start™ line. 1) foaming wash 2) daytime treatment 3) overnight treatment. These products are packed with ingredients like salicylic acid and tea tree oil help to clear acne bacteria and reduce oil, while soothing and hydrating ingredients provide moisture balance.
  • Double cleanse at night.
  • Introduced a mineral cosmetic to conceal blemishes without exacerbating the acne condition. Minerals provide light to full coverage and are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and mattifying – perfect for acne skin. We recommended the GEISHA ink™ loose mineral foundation.
  • Emphasized cleaning makeup brushes every day with a cleaner (like JAPONESQUE® makeup brush cleanser), followed by a deeper shampoo cleanse once a week to prevent spreading bacteria from the brushes onto her skin.
  • Introduced the Clear Start™ Emergency Fix spot treatment to better address the pustules that Clara continued to experience. This additional step helped to further clear her skin.

All the aforementioned products are available at BeautyMark.

*From the consultation form there were some lifestyle things that Clara could do to improve her skin too.

  • Reduce or better manage her stress.
  • Increase her water intake.
  • Avoid touching her skin or picking at blemishes.
  • Give her cell phone an antiseptic wipe every day or so.
  • Integrate a daily broad spectrum sunscreen to develop a healthy habit early on and prevent sun damage.

Clara’s first treatment was at the end of January. Over the following 3 months, her acne has cleared by 90 per cent without medication or harsh ingredients. Her story is a prime example that drastic measures are not always necessary to clear acne. Consistent and appropriate homecare alongside professional treatments have given her a ‘fresh face’. In the teenage years when self-consciousness is at an all time high, we think that’s pretty good news.

Everyone’s skin and situation is unique, but by following the guidance of  skincare professional, progress and improvements can be made. Acne is a chronic condition that ebbs and flows with stress levels and hormonal fluctuations. The key is to have acne-clearing home-care tools at the ready and a professional skin therapist at your disposal to keep skin as healthy and clear as possible.

Do you know a teen who needs help with their skin? Or perhaps you struggle with adult acne. Feel free to book in for a complimentary acne consultation with us to learn how you can have manage and clear acne today.

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