We’ve decided to make a list. It’s not a best of music or book list, but an unsung skincare hero list. And it doesn’t just pertain to products either. The resounding theme for 2014 was ‘It doesn’t have to be complicated to be good’. Our picks give you the best of the past year from our perspective. A shortlist on what can lead you to healthier and ultimately more radiant skin. So here it is.


Dry Brushing.

Apparently this daily ritual is part of supermodel Miranda Kerr’s morning routine to improve skin texture and activate circulation. And we have to agree with her. We’ve been hooked on this morning ritual since the summer to target unsightly cellulite. While it’s not a miracle cure, it has improved the texture of our skin and reduced the dimpled look. Mostly, we just love the invigorating feeling we get from it. Plus, by aiding in lymphatic drainage, we’re happy to report a cold-free stretch of four months and counting. The verdict? The 3 minutes it takes each day are worth all the health benefits.

Barrier Repair. Dermalogica Barrier Repair

This is truly an under appreciated product from the Dermalogica® range. We saw many clients with impaired barriers last year. This was often as a result of unsuccessful attempts to abate adult acne. The idea that drying out the skin and avoiding ‘clogging’ oil is ingrained in our minds as the way to treat acne. This might be true in the case of teen acne where the sebaceous glands are on overdrive, but the triggers for adult acne are quite different and require a unique approach. Often, an impaired barrier function only makes the acne condition worse. Barrier repair isn’t a cure for adult acne, but it is an excellent moisturizer to reduce inflammation and rebuild the skin’s defences against the acne bacteria. We even tried it on for size over the winter months, mixing it into our regular moisturizer to enhance moisture retention and environmental protection to great effect. A blend of shea butter, organic silicone and anti-inflammatory botanicals such as oatmeal, offer a silky smooth shield that melts into the skin. Any skin type can benefit from this moisturizer, either on its own or mixed with your regular moisturizer in the cold and dry winter months.


Meditation always seemed like a great idea to us, but somehow, an unattainable habit. Undoubtedly, we weren’t alone in seeing meditation as a practice reserved for more fully evolved and spiritual beings. That was until we were introduced to Headspace. This easy to use, completely approachable app was developed by an English monk who took it upon himself to make meditation relatable to a Western audience. The guided meditations are not oriented towards any religious belief system. Headspace is a simple practice of mindfulness that has the potential to reduce stress and anxiety, improve mental focus and possibly even our relationships. It goes without saying that stress takes its toll on health and well being. Stress-related problems with the skin can include acne, rashes, lines and wrinkles, dark circles and dehydration. Introducing a meditation practice is an excellent way to improve stress management and thereby improve your skin.

Soothing Eye Makeup Remover. Dermalogica Soothing Eye Makeup Remover

Again, another unsung hero from the Dermalogica® line. While we’re still HUGE fans of pre cleanse to thoroughly and gently cleanse the skin, when it comes to the eyes nothing quite competes with soothing eye makeup remover. It melts away eye makeup with no effort required and is pH balanced to the tears, so no stinging eyes to contend with. The added bonus from this genius product? Silk amino acids to strengthen the lashes. The delicate skin of the eyes that needs all the gentleness it can get, even for minimalists such as ourselves, this is an extra step you won’t regret taking.

Face massage.

Beauty editors really caught onto the benefits of face massage last year, and for good reason. The triad of a thorough scalp, face and neck massage can takes years off of one’s appearance. By integrating self massage into your nightly routine, you can stave off the development of deep expression lines and folds. Ayurveda has a long tradition of using massage to prevent aging and disease. Our Elevated treatment integrates a 60 minute Ayurvedic face massage into a 90 minute facial. It’s the ultimate facial de-stress or to look your best before a big event. Try it – you won’t regret it.


And that concludes our list of unsung skincare heroes for 2014. Sometimes the simplest steps help us to live a better life. Here’s to great skin amongst many other great things in the new year ahead!